Tuesday, March 20, 2012

benefits of being blind

First there are things I embrace about being blind. 1. I have a keen observation of things around me. My peer counselor said that I am incredibly aware. She asked me about five things I noticed on the walk from my house to hers. I noticed how warm the sun was, the packed almost glassy texture of the snow under my feet very smooth, a car that I was trying to project my energy into, my cane I could almost see as a seesaw going back and forth, and the difference between the temperature of the shade and the sun even as we were in conversation. So, I want to hone my observational skills. People always felt as if we would not contribute to a conversation, so we because good observers. When I enter a room, many times conversation ceases because people are eyeing me with interest, curiosity, or suspicion/fear. Another thing about blind folks in general is that we are resourceful. We have to think of ways to get around problems because sighted people can't do that since they are not blind. I like collaborating with others and figuring out how things can be worked out. I have not always been good at this, since many times the door gets shut in our face. I know I had about two more, and I'll try to remember them, because they are interesting. We are good educators and trainers becaue we have to explain our devices or other sorts of information to the sighted or general public. It is just something we are good at. I have not accepted the tried and true, since the way most people see things is not what has worked for me. I have always questioned things, because what people told me did not seem right intuitively. That's about all for now. koraling Lynne

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