Tuesday, February 14, 2012


My homeopathic practitioner sent agreat newsletter on Friday. I had not received the first one, but maybeI will. It spoke about meditation, which was great. I sent it to some people. I really was impressed with what was written there. A week ago yesterday, my friend Reeni came by from a celebration of the Orthodox Rabbi's daughter's bat mitzvah (which occurs when a girl is 12 and boy is 13, although my son had his bar mitzvah on his sixteenth birthday, which fell on a Saturday) and it means either daughter or son of the "good deeds" (mitzvah) or commandments. The daughter's project was to make challahs (braided bread) for many families and deliver them, and Reeni was close by so she brought some for me and then Lydia came at our appointed time. That was very nice. Well, time to bed. Koraling Lynne

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Sounds like a good day!