Tuesday, February 14, 2012

No Coincidences

I had waited for a taxicab for more than an hour, when my friend Ann appeared. She was with her friend, and she took me home after afew side trips. She was picking something up from the downstairs of Advanced Physical Therapy were other offices are. She drove me home. We heard about a dog collar from the veterinarian office, and it was a day of reflection and a song about forgiveness was playing on the smooth jazz station as I was thinking with sadness about all the things that bother me about people that I'd seen on the e-mail lists and with the condo situation. It was like being racially isolated in the 1960's and yes, part of it was the dog, and much of it is if people do not understand something, they fear it. They don't want to admit they don't understand the anomaly or difference, so they fear it. That is true of disability, alternative health, (including homeopathy), politics, sexual preference, spirituality and other things such as even computers and smart phones and other modern ideas. Koraling Lynne

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Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Wasn't getting picked up a good thing? What happened to the dog? Did you get a new one? Do you have the collar of an old one?