Monday, February 13, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, I phoned our U.S. delegation to check on appointments. Two of them--Mark Begich, and Don Young had "request a meeting" in places that were not obvious or right on top. The staff sent me links right away, though Don YOung said they had no time on the 24 or the 27 of February. They also don't have any time on the 28. Begich has not gotten back to me yet. Lisa Murkowski gave me an appointment time when I spoke to a real person. Her staff member was projud that they had the best website either of the legislature or some accolades they had received. Theirs had a captcha that did not have an audio captcha for blind people. I did point this out to them. I also have the original roommate for the trip. Koraling Lynne

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