Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm in Seattle

Well, exhausted out of my mind, and all that, but here with my son, as we could not get on the train today. I'm in Seattle. We decided on Saturday not to go, when the train would not go, and save the money to go to Reno in July. Maybe, I received two hours of sleep on the plane, and my left cheek and back of the head and ear was killing me and could not tell if it was the ear not popping or the nostrils. My son and I went to a "get motivated" at the famous Key Arena today. I liked Dan Rather, Colin Powell, a guy named James Smith and even Giuliani I liked some of what he said and remembered about the "Broken Windows Theory" of crime, and also remembered how he had cheated as others do, which is so sad. That's enough for now. Keep checking this blog. Koraling Lynne