Thursday, June 30, 2011


June is at its end. I've always liked June. In Alaska, May and June are usually the best months to visit, in my opinion. I have to admit that August of 2005 was not bad, as the 21, when I amrried was a beautiful, sunny day. June is very muggy in New York, and the worst months in Los Angeles have to be around August and September. Well, June 1 started with a grants workshop, and that was interesting. I had trouble with my machine, so did not take notes, and the afternoon was Dennis MacMillan and non-profit discussion about sustainability, goal-setting and the foundations, banks and others were represented as far as who they give to and their giving requirements. The oil companies were also represented. There were about nine entities represented, and I can't remember all of them. In the morning, Senators Murkowski and Begich were in attendance, and both said that they applauded me and thanked me for my leadership in the disability community, and Senator Begich said he thanked me for all I do. That was exhilarating and fun, even though the Braillenote (a machine that has Braille output and speech) was not functioning because of the battery which was flat. I don't know why. I thought it would be okay. I could not take notes during the presentations. My friend said that there was a picture in the paper, or a flyer was circulated with my picture. I went to an event for mental health or something, and I was in the front, next to someone on my left who had worked at the Disability Support Services office. I received a ride home with a woman who ran the video equipment. Okay, that's enough for now. Koraling Lynne

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