Thursday, June 30, 2011


I was on the downward slide yesterday, but I felt much better this morning. First of all, I figuredI could turn lemons into lemonade. Second, I realized by doing that, I could turn a negative into a positive, and turn someone who looks at a disability and their brain becomes inactive, and they forget everything they ever learned about human nature on its ear, could turn that person who turns "dumb" or stupid into a thinking, compassionate human being, and make these opportunities work for me. This is what I have to share and help others to grow in their open attitudes. The post-Kairos meditation (what the scientific and spiritualworkshop was last week) was really good, and designed to remind us of last week. I have talked to a couple of the participants this week, and we all feel, and I feel as if everything is enhanced, and much more vivid in detail. So, onward and upward. Koraling Lynne