Saturday, June 11, 2011

mood changes

My son found this Zen channel on his technology or television and I don't know what network it is on, Sirius or whatever. Since Thursday, we are getting on much better than the first couple of days. He found some Ezekiel spaghetti at a store entitled Marlene's or something. It is interesting that someone Dana mentioned to me--John Perkins--I believe, was mentioned in a news item on the Higher Balance site. It would be interesting to know more about him. And a John Perkins is here and the uncle of the young man graduating that my son and I will see tonight. I found out about a conference where I can network perhaps next week, and I received a call to conduct perhaps some more training. Things will fall into place, as I support my son also. So, the last networking session was Thursday also. Koraling Lynne That was the web-based marketing and networking class. Great people and presenters.