Sunday, June 12, 2011

reflections on websites

I realized in the last couple of weeks that I could chat with adobe connect pro, but only if I use Firefox. I also noticed this with sendspace that it is easier on Firefox. However, the forum for Higher Balance is best accessed with Internet Explorer 8, so go figure. There was a great article on cell phone access, but don't know which "smart phone" to buy. What does "smart" mean, anyway? I remember when "dumbbells" exercise equpment is called "smartbelles" or how ever spelled. Kitty had some of those, actually, which was when I heard of them. I guess silk screening on shirts is now called "screen painting" according to my indomitable son. Well, it's my birthday today, June 12. We'll see what this year bodes. Interesting about websites and other things, especially when JAWS (my screen reader, which speaks to me in a synthesized voice) said it was operating in 40-minute mode and needed to be authorized, so I shut the machine down, and restarted it, and it acted as normal. I sometimes think these machines are alive, for goodness sake. Koraling Lynne