Wednesday, April 27, 2011

catching up

I'd like to thank Steve whose link I'll try to past for resetting the captcha when I forgot my password last night. I had a wonderful to write this morning, but I cannot access it now in my brain. What a drag. As I wrote in one of my comments, I adore people and just want to wrap everyone around me. I care too much sometimes, and cannot be detached. Well, you know, it's just me being me. I cannot be anything else. I was thinking that I am on the train but on the wrong track, How can I get my life back? I don't want to be part of the pack, and I am tried of being in lack. If I am on the wrong track and the wrong train, I don't want to complain, I don't want people to think I'm insane, and I don't want to really complain. I don't want to be derailed. I want to blighly sail, I want to not always fail, and fill up the bucket and not a pail. I don't want to ever turn stale, I don't want to post other people's bail, and be so sad that I only wail, and I always want a dog to wag its tail.
I was thinking about that this morning. Whatever else I had brilliantly to say in the past two days has gone by the wayside. Sorry, blog family and friends. Koraling Lynne

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