Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vulnerability 3

Okay, there was a video on with Sam Richards I think, that was really great about seeing things from others' point of view. This man is a sociologist, anda he tries to have us view things from other points of view. By doing this, it again shows us what others may think and feel about us or that sort of thing. I remember years ago learning about "values clarification" which I thought was very innovative and interesting at the time. Anyway, interesting stuff, and if people could just imagine what a day with a blind person was like, would that not show them something about their own lives, or our own? Just asking. Thanks for reading. Koraling Lynne

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K Kroger said...

What helps me figure out how to "see things from other points of view" is when I attempt to guess how another person is feeling and what needs of theirs aren't being met when they express negative feelings, and what needs ARE being met when they express positive feelings. Sometimes I check it out with them, but that's not usually necessary to get into their point of view.