Monday, April 25, 2011


I was thinking about labels for disabled people. Are we depressing, (I was told that in 1983 when I was an intern for Clergy and Laity Concerned in Pasadena) or angry, bitter, courageous, inspiring, the "worthy poor" or pushy, immature, dependent, pitiful, or what? We have such a view of people that are disabled in media, social organizations, government, and all that that , in general, put us in this light. People are in general uncomfortable with us just as they are with homeless, poor, immigrants, orphans or foster children, or gay people. If I am called "professional" it is so I will be grateful and conform. As a disabled woman, I am supposed to be polite and grateful. I should be happy at whatever crumbs are given to us. When bombs are thrown at my stomach, and neighbors are harassing us, or people are too over-protective, or we are ignored or overly criticized or controlled, what does that say? I want to develop curriculum concerning institutional violence. Ms. Shannyn Moore questioned about my perception of institutional violence. It is organizations, governments, agencies and other people who act in a rigid manner with us and our issues. We need to be treated as humans, not as numbers or "cases." We do not need to be condescended to at arms' length. I have a passion for being treated well, and for treating others with respect. I cannto rescue and save everyone any more, though. I need to care for myself, and earn a living that is worthy of my intelligence and skills. I am not a robt, but a breathing, thinking human being. I know the difference between robots and humans. Koraling Lynne

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