Monday, April 18, 2011


Do blind people show appropriate emotions on our faces? If we have not seen emotion, how do we interpret others' emotions? We listen to inflection, intonation, and cadence and pauses. I can tell if someone has their head down, because they sound muffled. Again, we are more resourceful, and we have to be problem-solvers. People with physical disabilities seem to have better attendance records at their jobs, and are more loyal to them, maybe because of our conformist nature, about not asking questions, and being followers, and believing what people say. Many of us believe that sighted people must know better, since they act as if they do. I vacillate between being gullible and being skeptical and mistrustful. As I discussed here before, trust and vulnerability are difficult for me, since by the very nature of being a woman, blind and Jewish, I am vulnerable according to society. I am not vulnerable, however, in the emotional sense. Being vulnerable means you are pretty unscathed and have had a safe life, where everything was gong correctly, and there were no barriers. Barriers do not stop us. We just have to figure out how to work around them. Koraling Lynne

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