Saturday, April 23, 2011


I have several friends, whether they are disabled or not disabled, who tell me that I lift them up or encourage them when I speak to them. This is so heartening, as long as they don't take me down to their level and cause me to drown also. It is easy to drown in our sorrows, but I believe we learn from every experience no matter what. I think it is funny, because I have been in the depths of doldrums and panic and fear and take things personally. I've gotten better at recognizing this, and I told people to let things go. I have cried a lot about people's perceptions of me, but it is them and their perception and not mine. I mean it's all well to accept responsibility as an individual, but not necessary to rescue and to be a martyr. Sometimes, in groups people feel as though no one is "doing their part" and they try to browbeat those persons. However, telling people they do something wrong instead of giving them feedback, and allowing them to respond is wrong-headed, in my opinion. Too many people are into power and control and authority. This is a social problem that must be remedied. One does not have to be a dictator in order to be a leader. Consensus-building is important, and informal methods of communication are important, but not if they are an undercurrent of what is not said, because people feel taht retaliation will occur if they say what needs to be said. For people with disabilities, we feel as if we are not heard, and we feel as if we are "put into our place" and then how do we express ourselves? I really want to help others, and help people feel empowered, if at all possible, and be feeling good without self-medicating or "zoning out" or using authoritarianism or power over those less fortunate to get their way. These are problems we allmust solve in terms of organizations and ways to structure governments, organizations, and other natural formations of human beings. We are not solitary, after all. We are social beings, from what i have read my whole life. We are homo sapiens. Thanks for reading. Koraling Lynne

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