Saturday, April 9, 2011


I watched a video by a researcher and social worker who realized that happiness relies on people being connected and "whole-hearted." I saw this on a site that I am on which has great scientific, higher consciousness and great information to reflect on entitledHigher Balance Institute. If I knew how to put that video on here, I would do it, so as soon as I learn, it will be there. I realize that vulnerability is part of the problem with people's acceptance on an organic level of people with disabilities. I mean their brain does not learn about things that go wrong, and they are shooed away from asking questions when they are younger, so differences are scary to most young children. What a profound thing. Our inability to get close and to understand ambiguity and the search for meaning without certainty, and to embrace change and whole-heartedness and passion, (which is me) is paramount. When I was a teen-ager, and I would hug people, I was called "flirtatious" because "normal" people did not get that enthusiastic. People label what they do not understand, isn't that interesting? Yes, they label it, and then they judge it and separate from it. Hmm. It's the fear of being vulnerable and becoming out of control. Fantastic!

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