Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Questions or Answers

Ever since i was a little girl, I asked "Why?" I asked why, why, why, and always felt that questions were more important than the answers. Curiosity taught me things. I wanted to understand things, and if i heard a sound, I could not always detect it. The radiator would contract or expand, and it had musical sounds, which spooked me at night. I was alone in my room, and was a scared cat, and would roll over on my tummy with the radio by my bed so that I could hear another soud. Oh, the dulcet tones of Bob Fass on WBAI or listening to Bruce Solloway or Steve Post. The radio was my solace. I liked soaps on televsion, also, but, well, you know, I just listened and developed an imagination. Blind people can have an imagination, and can picture things. We know that people can be impatient with us. At least, we don't want to cause too much trouble. Again, if we are told we are selfish, pushy, loud, etc. we internalize these ideas. We can rarely know what to think since we count on others' perceptions to form our reality.After all, sighted people and older people must know more than we do. They have the "gift of sight." That is what is so disheartening about the 70% or more that are unemployed or under-employed, and whose skills are not rewarded or lauded. I really appreciate people stopping by. Koraling Lynne

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