Friday, April 22, 2011


I'm in my blogging class with Steve Aufrecht. I was wondering about "disposable people" and obselescence for consumer goods which are also disposable, and don't have the life they used to have with cheap products and plastics. No oversight is really effective on product despite the Consumer Product Safety Council recalls from time to time, and on a plane in the 1990's, two people in back of me said that people with disabilities in Russia were thought of as "throw-aways." Everyone wants to be valued as this has been said before. We have to rethink what and who is valuable, and who and what has priority? We have to care and really wonder about disposable people, and disposable corporations. Our society must change its priorities to save the planet, save our economy, save jobs, save the economic and emotional depression, and rethink empathy as I have mentioned and check some of the talks out at Koraling Lynne

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