Wednesday, April 27, 2011


When we travel wit mobility, we cannot just walk around without paying attention and we use the sound of traffic or cues with our canes, or our dog's direction to help us know where we are going. We have to count the blocks, or know which direction to turn. If I walked a mile, I had to know when to turn or how to turn. We could ask questions, but I was always terrified about getting lost. It was easiest in New York. Hesper, my first dog guide, would but her head between people who formed a fence on the Manhattan street, and people would gasp when they felt that cold nose. Ragu was, by far, the best dog guide, who just was so fast and really good at her job. So, ask about mobility and how we navigate, (no we don't count steps). Sometimes, we use "sighted guide" and have to trust ourselves and our dogs. Trust is extremely hard for me. Maybe, it is because I did not have the bonding I needed. Thanks. Koraling Lynne

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