Saturday, April 16, 2011


Blind Vine on ACB radio (American Council of the
Blind) at had an audio of the opening of the Ed Roberts campus on top of a BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) train station in Berkeley, California. It is so exciting to see that this campus has opened last Saturday which was the ribbon-cutting. It is wonderful when all disabilities can work together. Though we have had differences with independent living and the movement as blindpeople, the American Council of the Blind has always sought collaboration and convergence whenever possible. That is why I love partnering with other groups for the benefit of all. Only if we build each other up, will we gain and grow together. Coordinating together is paramount to reaching our goals. "Divide and conquer rarely gets it done, and only works, in my opinion, for the few and not the many. Love, cooperation, and communication must be paramount. Congratulations to Berkeley, California for being a model to the nation. Congratulations to Representative Barbara Lee, the BART officials, the Berkeley officials, and Senator Barbara Boxer. Disability is not a Republican or Democratic issue, it effects everyone of all incomes, races, nationalities, religions, sexual preferences, and ethnicities. Koraling Lynne

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