Friday, April 8, 2011

Welcome to my blog. I'm excited!

My business is Koraling Genius Consultants. It is about utilizing others' genius and my own genius and creating great things together by collaborating, coordinating, and communicating. I can consult, coach, counsel on web access evaluations by accessibilitizing your site, or giving you direction or tips about it as a user, give workshops from the person-centered point of view about the Americans with Disabilities Act and why it helps everyone to understand and implement its titles and attitudes. I can also train on how to treat each other respectfully since I was trained by SafePlace which is in Austin, Texas with a curriculum on "End the Violence, Break the Silence" concerning domestic violence, sexual assault and how to train about understanding how to recognize, respond and resist situations that would put disabled people at increased risk. I was the only Alaskan to be invited to this training which invited three national groups to receive training, and present it to others. In Alaska, the Center for Human Development designed a curriculum with different stakeholders which I wasinvolved with assisting, and I have trained with their curriculum. I have also been trained in the 1980's for a hotline and for two weekends at Haven House in Pasadena. I also have devised a training entitled "Interdependence vs. Independence" which received high marks. Thanks. Koraling Lynne

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