Friday, April 29, 2011

Proving Myself

Maybe there should not just be mathematical proofs and theorems such as postulates in Geometry, but theorems, proofs and postulates just like Euclid's geometry for proving people are "unfit" or "incapable" or some other assessment. I am not a good test-taker, I admit, and I liked a more informal process of testing. Tests do not test intelligence, in my opinion. Using the peson's assessment, and not deciding for them, as I have said before, gives us dignity, empowerment and a sense of worthiness. We are less depressed if we work together on solutions and actions that actually work. People have to take a chance and realize that a whole market is being ignored, and the bottom would fall out if we hired all the smart, capable disabled people who have value and skills. Thanks. Koraling Lynne

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