Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Skills I can offer people

I have been working on skills I possess and I do have skills I have used in computers/technology, such as recommendations for students as a mentor and Communications Instructor. I also was Accessibility Coordinator and wrote recommendations for pages on websites, web-based training for a pilot fora multi-media web-based training, and also evaluated a health website, and its pages as it was going online, and web-conferencing software. People lauded me for this.I also got high marks for improving the state of Alaska's website for the Alaska Legislature, and people at the Navy thought I knew quite a bit about computers also. I stil have skills to write about, and spoke about other skills and need to write about others I possess such as education, training, tutoring, counseling, public speaking, and being curious and inquisitive and wanting to keep learning and growing. Koraling Lynne

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