Sunday, April 17, 2011


Iris is in our eyes, the camera people see things with, but seeing can be deceiving, can't it? Or is it always right? If we cannot see it because it is microscopic, then is it still there? Only microscopes, telescopes, or even binoculars or equipment not available when I was growing up would need to view nanotechnology now. Dad would give me binoculars with dance troupes thinking maybe I could see something maybe dots or something or some movement. This was when I was growing up. How do we know what our perceptions are? And how do we interpret them, or tag them? Who first tags things for us? An iris can be in our eye or a beautiful flower opening up to the sunlight.
What is reality and what is creativity? People in differnet cultures interpret realith or their world differently. That is why we call our view of the world "blind culture." But we are not all the same. There are things we might have in common, but not everything. We may diverge on many aspects of life and meaning.
I would like to accessize the world, and accessibize the computer so that access is there for everyone. Thanks. Koraling Lynne Koraling Genius Consultants

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