Saturday, April 16, 2011


I was speaking to my former partner, who is my son's father and because he has lived in various Latin American countries, he believes that financial issues that cause crash are worth working out. He mentioned a great book on the perspective of the financial systems and we need to think about non-ideological systems, since many have been derived from hundreds of years back, and do not represent actual applications or our modern society. As a matter of fact, the wole idea of a "postmodern" society which has been discussed in philosophy is definitely interesting since theory does not always inform practice. A formal and idealized system does not take into account the various human factors, which are imperfect. It does not take into account people's deeply-seated fear of "the other" or "the unknown" and there are many complexities of modern society. People's need to understand circumstances and their need to have stability and control and to control their own destiny, while needing to have authority is a problem. We are a bundle of contradictions. This brings me back to the problem of vulnerability, shame and trust. Our connectedness has been broken because of the mobility of people moving, and even though we had the frontier and mobility, today, people are more uncertain about their future, at least the majority of the populace seems to be. We do not feel loving, or generous, because we hvae concern for ourselves, and we seek salvation in religious dogma. It is comforting for many, and yet many of us are seekers. There is so much that is not known, and we have no way to process all these uncertainties, and so people who are different, beit disabled people, Islamists, gay and lesbian people, confound us and fear us, and we are basically hearkening back to tribalism. Anyway, just my thoughts, but they belong to me, and I would enjoy hearing your perspective. I want to move the discourse forward. Koraling Llynne

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