Sunday, April 24, 2011

Whose reality?

I was writing, and my screen reader stopped working. We'll try again.
For some it is Passover (Pesach in Hebrew) and for some Easter Sunday, and for some you choose to not celebrate in any particular way. The ch in Pesach is like chameleon not like child. It is more from the throat.
When people are unpredictable and they jump to conclusions, how can you help that situation? It is good if feedback can be given, but every situation must be diffused differently. Some people's anger must be diffused like a bomb, and sometimes I cannot assess the situation because I am so upset or wounded. I can't understand why I have become the fall-out from someone's barrel of their words. I am saying to just back off sometimes or walk away, because sometimes people are frightened of me just because I am blind or disabled. They may blame the dog, or noise from a radio or tape-recorder and I try to listen and figure out the underlying issue. I try to view people as complex and coming from their own perspective, but at times I cnanot be. I am not saying to be a Polyanna or phony, but I try to be an optimist and a lover of humankind. Koraling Lynne

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