Saturday, April 23, 2011

What must be shared

It is good to smile and to laugh and to take pleasure from simple things and to notice the living planet, as many have observed. Knowing at least two people who have cancer, which itself is a billion/trillion dollar industry, how do we decide the best course of action, path or treatment? How is it when Dow Chemical produces the drug, but uses pollutants that hurt the environment that we can find the correct answers, when drugs suppress the very symptoms that help us know our bodies, and figure out the best course? How is it when information is suppressed thta we can figure out all the answers? How do we connect the dots? I don't mean the Braille-configured grid of six dots (two wide and three down) but I mean the dots of all the information that is out there or is not yet out there that we do not know. Access to information used to be a blind person's nightmare. Now, the internet has opened it up, but only when blind people have the access to websites and information that are not muddied by proprietary websites. Ther eare too many sighted people who try to control our way of thinking and decisions. Decision-making is an important skill to master. Problem-solving is taught in math, but is not taught in life. Critical thinking is also downplayed in our postmodern society. Intellect is elitism to many. However, I must surrender what I cannot change, and let go for my mental, emotional and physical health. Koraling Lynne

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