Wednesday, April 27, 2011


If we really listened to each other, and we did not shout at or browbeat each other, and we were slower at our communication, and did not judge, what would this world be? If we all defined our terms, wouldn't it be a different world? Is the world simple or complex? I contend that the world is a complext one, and not a simplistic one. Maybe, this is strange, but I always felt that you cannot predict people, hence, people cannot be put into a box, and aniled down. People are complex and multi-faceted. I have always been reflective. Maybe, because I am blind, I had more time for reading, listening to "talking books" which are recordings which looked like long-playing records at 33 and a third, plastic hard revolving things on turntables, and they were in cartons that had straps that I would open and listen to say, "A Wrinkle In Time" (what a great book) or "Saven Saphires" read by Burt Blackwell. This was before cassette recordings. I loved to read, and could get wrapped up in books. Koraling Lynne

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