Thursday, April 28, 2011

Keep sharing

Welcome to Koraling Genius Consultants which will provide the maximum benefit to you, your customers, clients, and any organization, agency or business. We focus on coaching, counseling, consulting, communicating, coordination, mentoring to add value to your emotional, financial and physical bank account. As I have stressed, we have had a breakdown of communication, and people crave customer service and real human interaction, not some canned or frozen automated voice menu. I would enjoy partnering and networking with you for a win-win situation to explore these concepts together. There is no one who better understands multiple systems, and can support leaders than someone with a disability who has navigated multiple systems. I don't want to be arrogant, and want to deliver what you need. Koraling Lynne Thanks to Anonymous and Kitty and others who comment and post. I have not figured out how to reply to you. I have not figured out how to edit posts. We must support each other, and share our strengths, and minimize our weaknesses. Encouragement and positive support are much better than the negative energy.

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