Thursday, May 5, 2011


Accessizing is what I call the muscle to include everyone to raise up all our dreams and hopes. I don't want to tell you about myself, provide workshops and web accessibility consulting or recommendations just for my own benefit, but provide services for other people. The workshop provided by the Center for Human Development provides this research networking class on marketing thorugh a five-year grant for folks with disabilities and funded by the Small Business Administration. That is wonderful. More people should know about thisI attended by linking to a webinar. One of the difficulties with web conferencing software is that the buttons were not labelled with ILinc . but they are less expensive and more responsive than perhaps some other companies. None of the chat features in any web conferencing seems to be navigable. This might be because of the dynamic way pages are laid out now, and refreshing and buffering, and the buffer does not hold many messages. It does seem to have a chat log, so there may be hope. The good thing is they do use keystrokes. Many companies are not inaccessible on purpose; they just don't knowhow to cater to the millions of disabled folks who could make use of their websites. (Sigh). Thanks for reading. Please, keep those comments coming. This blog is awfully silent so far. Koraling Lynne

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