Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Catching up

Well, I've been off the blog for a couple of days. Just trying to do what I can do. I heard something yesterday, I think about apathy and that apathy is caused by people not realizing that people can get involved in governments from the grass roots. Would it be nice if we all respected each other, and helped each other get involved? The www.ted.com site has many talks and this one about the myth of apathy was intriguing. I again saw this on the site for my higher consciousness. It is at www.hbinavigators.com but www.higherbalance.com is a free one that you can view some free videos, and some are also on youtube. As I try to figure out what I could be doing, I think I want to do so many things. My son's father sent me a proposal that is interesting about a housing unit which would help seniors,, disabled and low-income people. Other people think I should be doing other things. I also want to get involved in a coalition of pedestrians who are trying to bring attention to pedestrian injuries and deaths. I have to see about that tomorrow, maybe. If we form coalitions, it can help far more people. Koraling Lynne

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