Friday, May 20, 2011

Still Learning the Blog Features

Well, Steve tried to help me with links but I still could not figure that out. How frustrating and annoying, but the observer I must be, hmm. He said that he was at the graduation on Tuesday for Leadership Anchorage. It was nice to see Nick and work with Susie on phoning for the Chugach Electric Board of Directors. I don't know what to do about so many things! Koraling Lynne I did not know that "google reader" could view blogs, and that is great, but I don't know about commenting through the google reader feed. Interesting, and thanks for lurking or looking and for your interest. I try to make it interesting, and I hope I can still do that. I don't don't want to turn people off; I want to bring people in. Thanks, thanks for reading. Koraling Lynne

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