Sunday, May 22, 2011


How do we learn about making decisions if everyone tells us what to do? It brought back memories of the Braille Institute of America on Vermont Avenue. I have to remember thta I first heard about it when Becky Tsurumoto and I received our first dog guide from Guide Dogs for the Blind in 1974, and Wendy Stecher was there also with a dog named Dick. Hesper was my first dog, but not the best. It's just that Vermont Avenue where I lived pretty close by because I lived on North Heliotrope, and was taking yoga there, and went to the Braille Institute quite a bit. Becky had taught Braille, I believe, and I moved to California in September of 1977. How odd to hear about a woman with a dog guide and I loved my dogs, going out, taking the bus, getting lost, or whatever, and don't feel as independent as I once did. So, be it, I wish I could go back twenty years. It's just not fair, when I would work from 59th Street to 14th Street in New York, and just be me, but did move to David's house, and raised Dimas on my own for half his life. Networking, that was a great thing to do. Movie is over. There will be another one about blind parents trying to adopt a child. How my parents really were afraid and wanted me to have an abortion. I could never do that!

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