Friday, May 13, 2011

Stopping for now

I love people and teamwork. Some people do not get buoyed by people, but I do. I just get sad and disappointed when someone is upset or misunderstands me, and criticizes me, or I think they have done so. I really am getting exactly what I need from the networking and marketing class, and it is a good and interesting group of people. However, both times, I have been knocked off or lost sound. My computer was updating last week, and this week, I just lost sound for a while. I have been told taht I am a good networker, and extravert, and see beneath the exterior of people to their core. Yes, it may not seem that way from some of the comments, but I do see through the defenses and identities people construct down to a different part of themselves. We are not simple; we are complex beings with many sources of where our so-called personality comes from. Okay stopping for now. Koraling Lynne Keep looking. I did notice that the blog is divided into April and May, so you'll have to dig deep if you want to see all the messages in April.