Friday, May 20, 2011


If I were to say anything, I'd say how sad it is when I called someone who said (his words and not mine) he could not know how to use a computer and he was "wheelchair-bound" and how lonely and isolated he must have been. How darned sad! There are so many people who are called shut-ins, but they are also "shut-outs." They are not part of our community, or requrested to give any feedback about their lives, and here was this man, Kenneth, who just had no way of geting out, he said. I just felt so sad for him. I did not know him, but I just feel that so many of us are "out of sight; out of mind." Koraling Lynne I have so much emotion inside of me. I cannot be as observer and objective as I want to be to surrender to detach or anything like that.

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