Thursday, May 5, 2011

Paper Computers for smart Phones and Tablets

I just heard a new note about a paper comuter that one can bend to hear songs, call a phone number and do different things. I don't know if it is accessible, but how remarkable that is! I have always loved gadgets since I was a little girl. If I could push a button, or hear something new, or even learn about a switch board, I wanted gadgets and loved gadgets of every kind. I have always been curious about things. I have always wanted to know why things worked the way they were working, not that they did work, or reporting on the obvious "here and now" and always wanted to learn and know about the future. From the website of humanmedialad it says: Snaplet is a wrist worn thin-film wearable paper computer based on a 3.7" flexible electrophoretic (E Ink) display. It features touch sensors for navigating applications, and bend sensors that allow Snaplet to determine its current functionality depending on its shape. Phone calls can be made by removing the wrist band, and curving the screen. Calls are dropped by popping the display. Snaplet also features a flexible wacom pen tablet that allows users to write on it as if it were a piece of interactive paper. YouTube - humanmedialab's Channel is where this was taken from. Keep an open mind, everybody. Everything is changing, including us. I have changed much in my life, and I'm ready for another big change. I sometimes feel as if I can feel it within me. The more I look at people and situations, the more I have a passion for networking, working with people, and abhor arrogance, bullying, chips on shoulders, (chocolate chips are better, but no more healthier) and back-stabbing. I believe that we effect other people by what we say, how we say it, and what we do. I have recommended "Emotional Intelligence" (by Daniel Goleman) to many people, and we read it in one public administrations class. It is more potent than the "Intelligence Quotient" which is used as a marker for people. However, it has been proven that the Emotional Intelligence tells more about who is more employable etc. So many of us who are disabled from birth are hit with being ignored, leftout, told that we will never be employed, etc. I cry about people having difficult lives, whether they are disabled or not. I always thought I would be doing well at this age, and never counted on the health problems I had, and never gave up, and never worried about finances until the last few years. So, now, I know I have skills and have more confidence, but don't want to use my skills just to build myself up, but to build others up, or their corporations, because that will help me in the end. By providing services to others, that is how everyone will grow and win. So, when I speak about my experiences with visually impaired people, some of my best friends when I was young were visually impaired. One of them, Barbara, became blind, and she had to learn Braille later in life. I believe Braille and large print should be taught, so that children have the best of both worlds. Janis Lasky and I would hang out a lot as children. I just remember the competition, judgments, comparisons, none of which helped us really care about ourselves. I did have great orientation and mobility instructors at the Industrial Home for the blind in New York. Thanks, Mr. Vincent Mail. Koraling Lynne

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