Sunday, May 29, 2011


Dana said today that she appreciates Sandy and me because we can disagree or discuss issues and still care about each other. There is too much vitriole and lying in the blind community, disability community or world wide community where threads get cut off and people just turn their backs on other human beings. This should not be so. People should be able to give feedback, and reflect on each others' ideas and ideals. Without that, we have no society. A few of the Higher Balance general news articles were about negativity and how we view things. It is so interesting how our minds work. I do believe cures for many diseases and psychological and mental and physical breakdowns will be discovered, and that computers will help with answers and help us augment ourselves. We canot love everyone, but we must always strive to be better at living and being human, and caring about our fellow human. That is why when people misunderstand me, or won't even try to mend the wounds that I can't get over it, although I have gotten better at walking away, etc. I realize I am more afraid of confronting people and asserting my rights than I used to be. Koraling Llynne