Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reflections on Yesterday's Movies

On a site named, I heard four really true-life movies last night or yesterday, I should say. One was about a person who was wrongly convicted and lost her children to her sister, and things went downhill for her son, and daughter tried to commit suicide and her sister's husband divorced her, and she pleaded clemency and worked in the Children's center at this prison. I don't know what state it was in, but they had a week where parents could be with their children in the summer to cement relationships, etc. She got released since clemency was approved. The next movie was about a highschool program which was "No More Victims" for children of incarcerated parents; it was also very good and the children supported each other, and improved their grades and they had endured rape, the killing of one parent by another, or maybe a step-parent, and other violent crimes. The program worked. The third movie was about an Amish family whose baby was killed by stone-throwing of other townspeople. An assertive but principled person was told he could never win, but he managed to stop this for other people, and call attention to the discrimination against the Amish. The best one was the last about a Punjabi wife who killed her husband after ten years of degradation, sexual abuse, and rape by her husband, and control. She was told she was "nothing" as a woman, and killed him because of diminished responsibility. People lied in order to convict her and she had a language barrier (she was not a Native English speaker) and she had no ideas of her surroundings, and was given life imprisonment. A fellow prisoner, her cell mate, called her own brother who was a solicitor in England, and was able to appeal and get her sentence commuted. I cried with these movies especially the first one "A Mother's Rage" and I forgot the last one's name, but all of these were based on true stories. When will we realize that bullying, control and abuse does not work, and nor does intimidation? Enough! Love and education and communication--these are the only answers. I am so tired of people not sharing and fear being the order of the day! Koraling Lynne Cynicism and mistrust are aspects of depression and hopelessness that do not work either. Humans are special, and all of us need to realize taht we are all in the same boat.

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