Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Seeing Inside the Coating

I was speaking to Josiah that I see beneath the surface dirt of people, and chip away at them, and see their real core self. I see people's uniqueness and benefit and attraction to others. I even saw that a few weeks ago, when at the donor reception the speaker talked about what could be viewed as "good" or "bad" that an experience that seems unbearable to some can be transformed to propel one forward. I did mention to Josiah that treating some disabled people as "exceptions" and not as the norm, and giving all the marbles to some and throwing others out is not the way to share and delegate as leaders. I said I see many people with skills who are, as I said before, kicked to the curb. He mentioned that he should be natural, and I said I can usually tell if someone is nervous around disabled folks. He said I have a lot of energy. So, lauding someone's success is excellent as all the people in Leadership Anchorage were so creative, and special, and cooperative and innovative. I don't want to stir stuff up, and Josiah said something about how small-minded people concnetrate on people, and mediocre and middle-sized leaders look at organizations, and great people look at ideas. It's ideas that are important, though they may seem theoretical, and what could be more exciting and innovative? Improving things, and realizing that violence is not just private and silent and in the home, but is fostered by our attitudes, biases, sexism, belittling, stereotypes and rules, and that it is more about society and a systemic problem, and not just an interpersonal, individual problem. There are antecedent causes, and we cannot have a "Not In My Backyard" mentality. We cannot sweep things under the rug, but must bring them out for examination in various shades of light. Koraling Lynne

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