Thursday, May 5, 2011

Other Preferences

Rigid people who cannot see others' view, (which is why cars have a rear view mirror) are more of the Type A personality. They have accidents, because they only see things one way such as in front of them, and don't like to the side or in back of them. I probably have Type A, but I try to listen to and repeat to make sure I understand, which is reflective listening, I think, and using "I" statements is a good idea. People who are rigid and cannot look around them, and don't want to travel outside of their little town are missing out on so much in this world. There is so much good by sharing with other cultures, and other places around the world. We don't have to impose our system of beliefs and our culture on other people or nations. No system of government is perfect. It is so odd that lies become truth, and truth becomes lies. The control freaks, instead of those of us who want openness are trying to force their ideas down our throats. I gag on that, which is why I had a button in the 1980's "Question Authority" which is a problem, because I have been a leader. I have not always been comfortable with that, because I like egalitarianism, but I realize that a certain structure must be adhered to or adhesived. You see, there have to be rules, though flexible, so that there is some order. But chaos theory, (I read Phyllis Wheatley in school for public administration) and Gwen Kennedy in Leadership Anchorage, a program of the Alaska Humanities Forum, talk about chaos theory and that people and situations are not predictable. There is no blank space, physicists say=, and therefore it is filled up with particles, some say. Notions about what makes for a "good society" keep shifting and turning on its axis, and that isa good thing. After all, I learned taht we hadnine planets, and taht the brain was immutable. These have altered and been updated. So, take everything with a grain of salt. I do know that we must have better solutions for the complex problems we face. Being "cops of the world" as Phil Ochs said, and bombing every country to plunder their resources, to censor what you don't like, to not have conversations with people you don't agree with--these are a recipe for disaster. Koraling Lynne

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