Thursday, May 5, 2011

Time and Motion

Which is the determining factor--speed or efficiency? I remember a person who works with blind people who said that blind people were not faster on the computer, thereby hampering them. Time and motion studies and the scientific method were practices that employers or companies used in the early 20th century, and did not bring to fore people's job satisfaction. I learned about this in both my master's degree programs. It was a way to enforce conformity. So, how we treat people and our health seem to be very important. People care about children, or aging parents, and used to be called the "sandwich generation" because there were parents or adults who had to take care of aging parents and children. So, speed and timing people, and punching time clocks is monotonous, and not the way I've wanted to be. If you have a great job, and my program analyst and legislative intern job were great, it might be pallatable. We are not stiff, but we are malleable and chameleons. So, speed (though I do get impatient sometimes but not as much as I used to) causes much stress, though deadlines are necessary, and tasks must be set out.

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