Friday, May 20, 2011

Curiosity never Killed Any Cats

I have always asked questions. I always felt that questions were far more instructive than the answers. I asked why things were spelled the way they were when I was a child, and I could not spell Puerto Rico and thought it was Porto Rico so should be spelled Peurto or something, because it did not seem right. I did not really know how to pronounce at whatever young age, perhaps ten years old. We never can learn because certain questions are off limits or tabu. Yet, children are naturally curious, and when they are told "Shh!" and shooed away from disabled children because they (we) look different, what message does that send about how "accessible" we are? Are we strange, different, aberrant, or abhorent? What's the matter with her eyes, legs, facial expressions, voice, or whatever? So, being curious is natural and a good thing! Koraling Lynne So, ask away.

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