Sunday, May 22, 2011


Blind people have a hankering to explore. This movie is really about over-protective parents, terrified about a girl's development as a child growing into womanhood. Her brother is jealous of her, and feels that he doesn't get any attention. How sad, and I'm sure that it brings up some worries that mom and dad had. I'm sure when I left home and felt over-burdened, they were worried, but I cannot remember. We need to make mistakes, make our discoveries, and about our attitude and everything. When a person grows up blind, it's markedly different with parents that form our self-concept. How do we learn about ourselves? This woman is saying she wants to learn about taking care of herself. Right now, they are in a daily living class. They are talking about tagging clothes, and folding money, and I was never good about sewing when I learned in about eighth grade. I was so lucky to learn mobility early, and was so angry when ded followed Caryn and me to get some bread at the store. He was afraid I was going to get lost. I now have perspective. I do feel bad for Peter, because maybe Steven and I took all the supposed "attention." How can things be better for disabled or blind children? When in the movie Karen watned to help with the shop, her dad could not figure out how she would not take too much time? My God, when will society change? Her mother thinks that she did too much to "rescue" her. It's not our fault that we don't think we can do anything, really, especially when we hear in junior high or middle school that we may never got a job, (so what then are our prospects)? Dad said that he would not necessarily hire a disabled person. If your own parents don't see your abilities, even though he did take me to speak to student nurses. It's so sad to see someone making their way and parents have no support. How can I blame them then? They had very few groups or little time to not be stressed about their own lives, etc. I know so much better, and never reallly got parenting skills with Dimas, either. He loves me, but what will he think twenty years from now? He is such a loving person, and I did not like when my parents had told me what to do. People thought I was self-assured, but I was darned scared. Koraling Lynne

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