Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cleaning up

Hello, blog fans. Annonymous, I did not mean to make a blanket shot at people who are Protestant, and I meant mostly for scared, phony, pretentious people who act nice and do not show who they are. Everyone has merit, and I detest bully people also, ones taht do not encourage oters to be all they can be. People who do not try to raise others and just think of how they can get ahead are anathema to me. I had a professor who was a sociopath, in my opinion, and he was very intelligent. However, your method of operation is to belittle and take confidence from people, and not encourage and motivate people, something is wrong with that teacher. I don't want people to be a cookie cutter of me, but to be their brilliant lovely selves. I want to cheer on the person I heard at the appreciation and donor event last week, and I also want to disagree when I disagree with someone's view of the world. People can be so mean and not think of the other person. I see what's underneath a phony or bully type, and it is mostly fear. People are afraid to show themselves. I guess I am not all that proper, and cannot be anything but myself. I am sorry if I go all over the map, but I think of many things. I have seen some very interesting articles about blind people, new ideas in science, health, metaphysics, and spirituality. We are all unique, and we should all be treated as unique.

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