Thursday, May 19, 2011

Repeating myself

Sorry, I repeated the small, medium, and great thing twice, and Josiah from NineStar said that, and two people on Tuesday mentioned the Alaska Center for the Blind--one from Municipal Light and Power, who donates to them, and Vermont, who used to work there as a receptionist, and I remember a little, but I cannot remember who was the receptionist in 1999 when I was borrowed by Carolyn Peter to teach Braille for a few months. Hmm. Well, no comments? We'll have to see if anyone does comment when I am more out there in the community. I have friends of all ages, political persuasions, religions, etc. I don't really have many owning class friends, so do I have a prejudice? That is wrong, if I do harbor prejudices against people with a good amount of money? Am I suspicious, or what? That is not right. I was raised as middle-class, and I don't want to have stereotypes about everyone. I have had friends of every religion, but not Islamic, which is also sad. Why not? I guess I really have not traveled in those circles. Well, broadening, not narrowing is what I like to do. So, any observations taken as anything but thinking about big issues that plague were not meant as generalizations. People into social control, such as charities were in the 1800's were about not social change but social control. How do we get people to be more "compliant" "conformist" "socially normal" and that was all middle class, education and corporal punishment that I used to read about in "Little Women" or other books I read when growing up. I never could get into "The Scarlet Letter" either. So much moralizing and punishment instead of understanding people's differences. I read a lot of books about witch craft "Tituba of Salem Village" and the 1700's and the fear of it, and the killing people because they were afraid of herbal medicine and African-American people. We have made some terrible mistakes when we don't understand differences and yet we are all the same under the clothing, are we not? We all get disappointed, make mistakes, and all have value, and we all know hhow to feel, to hurt, to understand if we allow ourselves. Koraling Lynne