Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Imperfections and Blotches

Yes, SueEllen and Annonymous, sense of humor is so important. A driver for AnchorRides, our paratransit system said that her boyfriend who happens to be Jewish like me talks so much. Well, that is part of the reason he talks so much, we are very heady "people of the Book" you know. I said she should put up her hands and say "surrender" when he talks too much. Mom used to talk or my whole family, and I could not get in a word edgewise. Hmm. I am not locking or knocking Protestants, because they have all done the best they could, and I have many good friends. But, unfortunately, in my re-evaluation counseling (www.rc.org) it says that there are unique patterns of the Protestant cultures and all other religious persuasions that cause us to have some distinct patterns. One intersting fact that was noted at a workshop was Jews say good-bye and never leave, and others leave and never say good-bye. Jews have the backdrop of the Holocaust that I believe is in every generation, and others have other issues and of course there was the Protestant reformation against the backdrop of the discrimination by Catholics, but Catholics were not always treated correctly either. Sorry for being all over the map. I don't want to be defensive, blaming, but to be funny and loving, and caring. My son is so dear to me, and I spoke to him today, and he put things into perspective. Our abilities, experiences, and "emotional intelligence" is so important. If you have not read "Emotional Intelligence" by Daniel Goleman, that explains how our emotions are shaped and how our early childhood forms our delay of gratification, patience, team-work, reaction to situations, the way we interact with others, relationships, work life etc. Koraling Lynne Keep writing, Annonymous and SueEllen. Koraling Lynne I want this to be positive. I see seeds in people, and I want to help them bloom and then follow up to make sure the flowers are healthy and bountiful.

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