Thursday, May 5, 2011

How can we work together

IfI have information, I try to share it. I think providing information so that people can make wiser choices, or improve what they are doing is good. However, so many people get defensive (which was a habitual way I have acted on too many occassions) and don't really know how to listen. Many people in my life say taht I am good at listening. Hearing is different than listening. You can hear something, but are you really listening to the nuances in people's speech, the pauses, the downward way they have their head so their voice sounds muffled, the way they turn away and avert their eyes, etc. People pause in different places, or speak louder or softer, or have a tremor, all these things you do not need sight for. I can usually tell things about people, because I have had to be an astute observer and study people's behavior. I see many times going behind the gruffness to a softer side, and why certain people may act pretentious and passive and phony. It is out of fear in both interests. So many people get angry, because they have been disappointed with people. If I help someone, I cannot expect something back. I have to give out of love and admiration, and because I have a basic faith in human nature. (Sigh). So, keep checking out my site. If you know of any other Alaskan blind woman with a blog, let me know. Koraling Lynne Koraling Genius Consultants. We must work with others, because there are so many smart people in the world who have so much to share.

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