Saturday, May 7, 2011


I went to a photoshoot this morning and a movie last night. I'm trying to get myself out there. I met a Leslie Yamamoto and Allison last night, and Leslie is a social worker and used to be part of the Governor's Council. I gave them cards of mine. Someone said today that Alaska was harsh, and she drove me home, and was part of the company that was marketing the promotional material for the Mental Health Board, I think. Yes, it is harsh, but can it be tamed? Or does it make those who live here much more harsh ourselves to adapt to this harsh environment? I thought of wanting to have an advocacy awareness program and also partner with other advocates to stratigize how to not frighten people, because it seems to scare some folks. Anchorage is beautiful today and in the high 50's. I want to learn how we can solve the problems of people being so arrogant and being self-promoters instead of using themselves to help others and use their experience as a way to help others. It seems as if everyone needs an enemy, instead of trying to cooperate. We think there is scarcity, and run over others, instead of sharing with others. I want to use this blog to share and help with others, and to have fre-flowing conversations. It is not just about me, though I like win-win situations. I did not hink of this blog as a way to learn about myself and make decisions, but I think it will be that vehicle. I hope people will learn about me, also. Koraling Lynne

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