Sunday, May 29, 2011


I had the strangest experience. I hardly remember dreams any more, but I had a really weird one, and noone I knew was in it. I was with some people and we were all introducing ourselves, and a woman who was very dictatorial and scary was there, and then the next day I was going up the stairs to start a new job on my first job. I don't remember much else, and what it was I was doing. I think after nearly 20 years in Alaska, I caught a halibut, a small one, which I should not eat. It was about 10 pounds, and we did not catch yesterday during our trip, but Sandy's son did catch two halibut with his wife and brother and youngest children. It was exciting today, and during our four and a half hour trip, Sandy, my "lion-hearted" husband caught a bigger one about 20 pounds, good work for both of us. It was like glass on the water, and I wish we had taken pictures, and both of us are blind, of course. I also caught a pretty good-sized cod and someone else did also, maybe Sandy's grandson. Sandy's other son is taking care of three young girls, and the eldest called me "grandma" and I did not recognize that, since my own son had no children, not yet, anyway. Koraling Lynne We'll go back tomorrow. Here with the computer plugged in in the central lodge, there is a television, snacks, showers, and bathrooms. Wireless works at the picnic table outside and in the motor home, but is spotty but here plugged in much better access and all. Koraling Lynne

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