Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jet Lag

This is from Dan, another person who posted on the Higher Balance forum I look for new research and information on concerning the mind, technology, and burgeoning topics to enhance oneself and help the universes. Koraling Lynne The easiest way to avoid jet lag is to take your shoes off and ground yourself to the earth for about 20 minutes when you get off the plane. If you can't do that you can touch a tree. This is not just metaphysical. Your body actually looks for signals from the earth several times an hour in order to synchronize with it. It's like how your computer synchronizes with the atomic clock. Your body wants to readjust its circadian rhythms and gather free electrons(anti-oxidants) from the earth at all times. This is a burgeoning field of medicine. Look up Barefoot Grounding for more info.

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