Friday, May 6, 2011

Curiosity never Killed Any Cats

I have always asked questions. How would I understand the world if I did not do that? I could not know everything? From the switchboard when mom took me to the Jewish Guild for the Blind when I was about six, I wanted to touch and work with everything. I said I loved gadgets. Sometime afterwards, when I was reading the Arabian Knights, I think that was when I received my first Braille watch. I had seen someone with a watch with musical tones ether at the Lighthouse (New York Association of the Blind) or the Jewish Guild for the Blind, I wanted it. But now, I cannot wear a quartz watch. After a month ortwo, it stops working. Am I that powerful? It is something with polarities or my higher consciousness or electrical system that causes some interference. Hmm. Koraling Lynne

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